Summer Diary, Part One

Jul 8, 2016 | blog | 0 comments

We here at the Newberry Consort often say we’re bringing “the best in early music to Chicago and beyond,” but if you attend our regular season concerts in Chicago you likely haven’t heard much about “the beyond.” This summer, we’d like to feature our directors’ travels representing the Consort and educating a future generation of artists.

Ellen Hargis has been a part of the Lute Society of America’s “LuteFest” for a number of years, and just returned from this year’s festival last week. LuteFest features a team of world-class artists teaching classes and giving concerts at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. Ellen taught classes on singer/instrumentalist collaboration and repertoire inspired by songbirds. You can learn more about the Lute Society of America on their website. Scroll down for photos of this year’s event!

Did you know that Ellen plays guitar? Look for her and her renaissance guitar on a future Consort program!

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