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Who Was Queen Christina of Sweden?

For our next concert, happening March 3 to 5, we’re delving into the world of Queen Christina of Sweden, one of Europe’s most colorful and eccentric characters. We’ll be taking audiences on a musical journey of Christina’s life, performing music that was written...

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Getting to Know Medieval Instruments

One of the most interesting things about the Newberry Consort is the fact that we get to play so many different kinds of instruments depending on the time period that we’re focusing on in each concert. Some of the early instruments we play are recognizable and have...

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The Costumes of Kemp’s Jig

Usually, when we perform music from another time period, we have to close our eyes and imagine what the people playing it in the past would have looked like. But for our first concert of the season this year, entitled Kemp’s Jig, we are thrilled that you won’t have...

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Steve Player – Profile

This fall, we’re excited to perform some jigs that were common in Shakespearean England for our first concert of the season, entitled “Kemp’s Jig.” Back then, a jig was a humorous skit that was set to music and was usually performed at the end of a stage play or on...


Summer Diary, Part One

We here at the Newberry Consort often say we're bringing "the best in early music to Chicago and beyond," but if you attend our regular season concerts in Chicago you likely haven't heard much about "the beyond." This summer, we'd like to feature our directors'...

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Meet mezzo-soprano Ashley Mulcahy

Newberry Consort Young Artist Mentorship Program Participant   We had a chat with Ashley Mulcahy, our second participant in The Newberry Consort’s Young Artist Mentorship Program. Here’s what she had to say about singing Mexican convent music and her upcoming...

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