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The skinny on broadside ballads

In our upcoming production, “Will Kemp Returns! A Jigs Revival,” we’ll present ballads “in the broadside tradition.” But what is the broadside tradition? In today’s lingo, a ballad is a slow, sad song, maybe with romantic undertones, like something by Whitney...

Broadside Ballads
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Who Was Will Kemp?

Our 2018-19 season opener is “Will Kemp Returns! A Jigs Revival.” But who was Will Kemp? Will Kemp was a real man — a professional clown and comedic actor in Elizabethan England. Kemp (also known as Kempe), is best-known as one of the original members of...

Will Kemp
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How Baroque Musicians Improvised With Flair

Chicago is a city known for its improvisation. It’s the mecca of improv comedy, the birthplace of Chicago-style jazz, and, thanks to the Newberry Consort, it’s also a great place for improvisational early music. David Douglass, co-artistic director of the Newberry...

Midwest sing and stomp
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What was the organetto?

One of the most fun things about attending an early music concert is getting the chance to see and hear instruments you might not have heard of before. In our next concert, featuring secular love songs from medieval France, we’ll showcase the organetto — a portable...