Ney Alliey

Venezuelan guitarist, Ney Alliey graduated at 19 years old from the Maracaibo Conservatory of Music “José Luis Paz” with professors Ciro Adarme and Gerardo Soto, followed graduate studies with Maestro Rodrigo Riera at Lisandro Alvarado University and master classes with Alirio Díaz and Luis Zea. Ney toured his home country as soloist under the aegis of the Venezuelan National Council of Culture (CONAC), as well as performing chamber music.

Founder of Ciro Adarme guitar quintet, and worked as guitar faculty at the Maracaibo Conservatory of music for 15 years.

Graduated at La Universidad del Zulia in 1996 as physician (M.D.) and in 2007 as psychiatrist, Ney moved to Chicago in 2007 to study psychiatric genetics at the University of Chicago, becoming a research faculty of this institution in 2012.

Besides with his scientific duties keeps an agenda of music performances, and in 2017 was awarded with a City of Chicago Individual Artist Program grant.