José Luis Posada

José Luis Posada pursued undergraduate studies in Music Education at Universidad Pedagógica Nacional (Bogotá). He holds a M.A in Early Music Performance Practice from Case Western Reserve University -where he studied performance practices with Dr. Ross Duffin and lute & baroque guitar with Dr. Scott Pauley- and a Master’s degree in Education from Northern Illinois University. He is a co-founder of EnsAmble Ad‐Hoc; with this and other early music groups he has performed in his home country, Colombia, and also in Mexico, Argentina and the United States. He has been a member of groups of traditional Colombian music and has recorded and toured extensively performing on tiple, cuatro and guitar. In the Chicago area he has collaborated with Venezuelan percussionist Javier Saume and Mexican violinist Juan Rivera, as well as with Raul Fernandez from Son del Viento, which specializes in Mexican Son Jarocho. José Luis combines performing with teaching activities and has also worked on professional music editions and arrangements. Highlights include arrangements commissioned by the Colombian Symphony Orchestra for a special project with Velosa y los Carrangueros (traditional Colombian music). Currently, he works as a music teacher for Cicero Public Schools and performs regularly with EnsAmble Ad-Hoc.