Jeremy David Ward

As a player of bass instruments, Jeremy David Ward specializes in playing well with others. Whether Renaissance dance and consort music with the Newberry Violin Band or continuo with his 17th-century winds and strings band Rook, or the one-man rhythm-bass-harmony-countermelody in his 18th-century Scottish fiddle duo with award-winning fiddler Tim Macdonald, or modern cello collaborations with singer/songwriter Fernando Ortega, Jeremy delights in crafting foundations on which an ensemble can thrive. He is also the principal cellist of the Chicago Arts Orchestra which performs newly recovered pieces of the Mexican Baroque repertoire. Jeremy has also soloed vocally with the Newberry Consort as well as his duo Tim & Jeremy. He has been a founder and organizer for the last three years of the Chicago folk music showcase The Midwest Sing and Stomp. He led a weekend residency at Oberlin Conservatory of Music in historical performance, and is in his 4th year of residency as a Guest Lecturer in Early Music at Wheaton Conservatory of Music. He is also on faculty at Triton College where he teaches cello and other music classes.